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The best English facilitator in Malaysia, specializing in English learning courses, English pronunciation workshops, thematic conversation workshops, etc.

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Before changing its name to THE FACILITATOR, it was SMART Language center. Our mission carries us throughout and never changes, that is to Facilitate interested learners good quality English in relaxing environments and jovial ways; we believe that GOOD ENGLISH AFFIRMS QUALITY!
For English learners of different origins, concepts of acquiring good English, both in conversational and written, have always been dull and difficult.
We are adopting a unique OUT OF THE BOX WAY of FACILITATING not TEACHING.

领航者前身为精英语文学舍,1983年创办至今都秉承 “优质英语,肯定自己” 为理念,对学英文的朋友秉承的宗旨是:灌输正确的英语观念,


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